Top T-shirt Types & How To Wear It?

October 16, 2020 ( 0 ) | ( 437 )

There are varieties of T-shirts available in Shirts Manufacturers in Chennai, but boys feel quite complicated in wearing the right t-shirt for pants they wear. Boys mostly choose the same old color and never come up for trending colors.

A black t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, this is the standard dress that most of the boys wear, particularly, Indian youngsters are addicted to these colors and outfits. That is best, but come out of it and change your style and look at yourself a little new. 


Top T-shirts and How To Look Class Wearing It?


Crew Neck/ Round Necked T-shirt

Crew necked t-shirt is the most favored t-shirt among Indian youngsters. 

For skinny boys, it is better to wear a multi-colored crew necked t-shirt. 

Along with a round-necked t-shirt, if you are planning to wear casuals, then wear pale color pants and if you are going for jeans, then wear dark color jeans. Don’t wear black jeans for this type of t-shirt.


V-Necked T-shirt

V-Necked t-shirts are getting popular among teenagers. 

If you are looking for jeans trousers, then a V-necked t-shirt won’t be the right choice. Full sleeve V necked t-shirts are a good choice for jeans, but casuals are always preferred for this type of t-shirt for a stunning look. Customized T Shirts Chennai has varieties of V necked t-shirt collections. 


V Necked t-shirt colors – Both dark and pale colors are fine, choose according to your skin to match it.


Polo T-shirts

Youths are worried to wear them because according to today’s teens, polo shirts are for adults. 

But there is a secret crush for polo t-shirts. Bodybuilders and fit guys can look classy with this type of t-shirts. Multicolor, plain both give you an outstanding look along with Blue jean trouser. 


Henley T-shirts

Skinny guys mostly don’t choose this, but pale color henley shirts and casual trousers will be fine for skinny guys. This may not look stylish for skinny guys, but it will give you a luxurious look.

Guys above 20 can wear this t-shirt with jeans and do not forget to fold the trousers at the end. 


Sleeveless T-shirts

Sleeveless, This looks fine for everyone, it is best to wear when you get out with your friends for a party or bike ride. T Shirt Printing in Chennai produces many designed sleeveless t-shirts for youngsters out there in the city.


Jeans, Casual trousers, and shorts suit this perfectly. 

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