T shirt Printing Techniques

May 03, 2018 ( 0 ) | ( 768 )

T-shirt is not only the most comfortable attire for anyone but it also speaks about your character. T-shirts can bring a makeover to your personality, as it transforms your boring looks and rather, it makes you to feel chilled out.

The Print and design are the main objectives of a manufacturer which makes the t-shirts popular among the people. Some examples of the t-shirts are text tees, creative motifs and gothic prints. The t-shirts give a cool appearance for the students as well. Today many people search for the T Shirt Printing in Chennai to print their own t-shirts. Let us consider the techniques used for printing the t-shirts.

Screen printing:

This is the most utilized technique by many t-shirt manufacturing companies. The digital screen printing use the digital frame and gives you more creativity.  It helps you to transform your ideas into images and prints.

Heat transforms method:

The heat transform method is another technique used to customizing a t-shirt. This method is too expensive. This method is used only for commercial purposes.

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