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1. Font-iful Approach

Perfection in typography is the trump card in creating an art of design. Designs possess a message and that message is easily projected if it’s written. If you create a design focused on fonts, then you can pull all the eyes.

T Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai  focus more on fonts to attract the people. If the people are mesmerized by your approach then they will definitely buy your product. There are millions of fonts out there, you just have to choose the right one according to your need.

  1. Make a balance

Always maintain a balance in your designs. It is classified into two different forms, asymmetrical and symmetrical.


This type of balance is somewhat complicated as it comprises a process of breaking your image down into large and small pieces. If there is lots of smaller items on one side of your custom design, then you will have to balance them by using a larger item on the other side. It’s very important to balance the colour in the asymmetrical custom designs. One side should not be darker than the other. Hence, if the design has one large, dark item on the left side then lots of smaller should be on the right side balancing it.


This is very much simple form of balance than the asymmetrical. This design is just a mirror image of itself and finally creates a well rounded, visually pleasing product. For the simple, image based, designs with limited typeface this type of balance is perfect.

  1. Coloring the design

Coloring is the easy job for many. But here it is the most tough one. While using the colors, there are a lot of things in your checklist.

You should know your audience and study their thoughts about colors. Each customer finds a different color appealing. In general, Women love purple and pink tones. They hate greys and oranges. While Men like black and all shades of grey along with blue too. But they hate pink. So, you should understand the concept of colors clearly. Handling the colors is a risky job for any Customized T Shirts Chennai.

Different color patterns used in T Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai are:

  1. Final Print is the key

In order to get a best print, it’s always best to focus on:

  • clean bold lines
  • Keep your colours, simple and clean
  • Make as little shading as possible
  • Stay away from gradients

Especially the Bag Manufacturers in Chennai tend to make minor mistakes in the final print often.

  1. Negative Spacing

Negative space is nothing but the unused area in between different sections of your image. These spaces should not be left empty. But do not stuff it with unwanted things just to get rid of them.

Use them wisely to immerse your creativity. Type tome captions or use it for branding as the Cap Manufacturers in Chennai often do. They print their company logo or even their favorite football team.

So use these tips to improvise your own customised products to get a wonderful output.

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