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Color is not just primary color or secondary color it symbolically concentrates over your emotions and also has many themes over them. Whatever is either the wall of the house, the car you drive or the phone you use we always we pick over these daily accessories we use. It does not stop with your daily accessories alone it includes designing your wedding cards, business cards, photo shoots and choosing the pillow for your room. Picking color also needs to count on the factor whether it fuses over the color they are about to choose. A color scheme isn’t a big term it just includes which you use in the academic project you do, art work or the color for your living room. There is a concept of choosing the which includes choosing main color, then adding up other colors when you illustrate this idea by considering the day to day book or magazine or some webpages you use how attractive the colors where  its just adding up colors. Concept of science has been hiding behind choosing colors. Choosing color vary from an individual to individual based on his emotions, environment many things need to be added over this. You might have come across the hospitals filled with green color because it tends to have soothing effect over it. Yellow and red colors are used in roads to make alerts. White color is meant for its simplicity and elegance.

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Stay cool and colorful
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