Make your company shirts feel great – With Custom T-Shirts!

May 07, 2021 ( 0 ) | ( 241 )


In this new age of business, companies that embrace new trends and flow with the dynamic culture of the society have all the chance of hitting a bullseye with their target audience. It helps the companies–be it a startup or a multi-billion dollar need to come up with such marketing strategies that propel their campaign to its maximum extent possible. 

Of late, T Shirt Printing in Chennai has seen a growth spurt like never before! The new trend is just beginning to percolate with all the age groups in the society.

Hence, companies have a possible marketing channel to convey their brand messages, philosophies, and its causes more effectively now through this medium of customized T-Shirts. Messages and themes conveyed by way of Custom T-Shirts resonate more with the audience very easily than any other form of marketing. 

So, to make your company shirts stand out from all the clutter, what helps?

1 – Choose a suitable garment!

The basic thing to start designing the company’s shirt is obviously to select the right kind of garment that goes in line with the objective of printing customized T-shirts. It may seem easy at first. Just pick something economical, looks good, and comfortable right? No! The choices are many and that is why the task can be a little challenging.

Here is a list of questions to be asked before printing the t-shirts.

  • Decide on the purpose of its use (Casualwear, Promotions, or Uniforms?)
  • Who needs them? (Top management, middle, or the staff?)
  • Frequency of wearing them (Daily use, weekly, or single-use?)
  • And most importantly–The budget
2 – The right area to print!

The layout of the design must be appropriate to the objective of the printing. A full frontal printing is right when it comes to the standard t-shirt but for a corporate design, this might change. T Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai would provide the much-needed expertise in this matter.

For a corporate uniform, it makes sense to have the logo on the left side of the chest while leaving the rest of the T-Shirt in a plain color, and having a full-fledged design on the back would have a great effect design-wise. Etching the names of the employee on the right side gives them that extra sense of pride and belongingness.

3 – Pick appropriate colors!

This may sound simple but most decisions go wrong here. Integrating impactful colors in the design could give an edge to the business and reach the audience more effectively by way of emotions. Think of the desired feelings your brand evokes, and pick the right color that portrays the feeling. 

4 – Convey the message appropriately and effectively!

With everything done right,  Customized T Shirts Chennai would fail to impress the intended audience in an intended way if the message conveyed is ambiguous or is not in the brand’s voice. Formulate the theme concisely and clearly reflecting the brand image.

5 – Add accessories!

Once all the design of the shirt comes out in the desired manner, it is now time to think of all the additional set of items that might go with the T-Shirt. For instance, a cap with the logo of the company to those employees who go out for delivery or a hoodie, if the nature of the job allows for it. This will serve as a finishing touch to the overall design of the custom company shirts to make them look great.


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