Know this before you choose a T-Shirt Printing Method!

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Ordering a customized T-shirt can be tedious if you dive into it without prior knowledge or awareness. You may also end up shelling more money from your pocket or choose the wrong printing method and now your T-Shirt isn’t that attractive because of this blunder. Making the correct choice of T Shirt Printing in Chennai is crucial to saving time, effort, and money.  

The decision of the printing methods wavers according to many factors such as your quantity, the material you wish to print the design on, and the total number of distinct colors in your design. These things contribute to the final decision of choosing appropriate printing methods.

Before we know the factors that affect our choices, let us look at the most common types of printing methods available.

Types of T-Shirt printing methods

1 – Screen Printing 

This form of printing brings out vivid colors. Generally, this is mostly preferred for the same reason. The design is flattened out on a screen and then the screen is pressed against the T-shirt to print the design. Screen Printing uses separate screens for each color and they are printed one by one. 

2 – Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing

This method is very swift for printing less quantity of T-shirts. It is a simple process just like the name suggests. The design is printed digitally as you would normally take a photocopy of your documents from your computer! It gives a soothing vibe to the colors but is not long-lasting.

3 – Dye-sublimation 

This process uses heat to apply the dye to the material. This works best on synthetic materials like polyesters. The thermal application adds a certain shine to the design and makes it durable for the long run.

What to know before you choose a Printing Method?

The basic understanding of the printing methods available will form a decent prelude to this section. Keep in mind that every printing method has its advantages and disadvantages. All you need to concentrate on is the desired quality and the suitable printing method that will get you there.

These factors must be considered when you are printing Customized T Shirts Chennai.

1 – Know your quantity!

The units you would like to print determines the printing methods. When the demand is larger, say above 15 or 20, it makes sense to use screen printing. Even though they follow an elaborate process to set it up for printing, it pays huge returns in the form of greater detail and cost-efficiency. 

While screen printing is for bulk quantities, DTG printing works good on smaller orders—even on a single unit! 

2 – Know your textile material

The printing method varies with the nature of the fabric you wish to have your designs printed. Choosing the suitable printing method based on the apparel determines the final quality, durability, and richness of the design.

Screen printing works well with all synthetic fabrics like polyester and other blends. Hence, it would also be the most preferred choice as it covers a whole umbrella of fabrics. Digital printing is not the appropriate selection for such synthetic fabrics but gives a great output when used on cotton. Sourcing the best quality materials from the T Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai is essential.

3 – Design and colors

If you have more intricate designs and colors, then digital printing is your best bet. It is tedious to print a wide range of colors with screen printing as each color is printed individually and hence can be a lot of work and money.

Make a better choice of printing methods when you order customized T-shirts next time!

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