How to buy the best Customized T Shirts

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Most events require custom shirts to draw attendees’ attention and help increase brand awareness. There are numerous custom shirts available in India that will provide you with the best possible prints and ensure that your event is a success. Whatever sort of event you’re having, a custom shirt is just what you’ll need to catch everyone’s attention and more eyeballs. A custom shirt with your company’s logo will help to establish your brand identity and will be photographed during photo shoots and live social media coverage. You’ll need to find a dependable company for T Shirt Printing in Chennai that can produce your custom prints on time before the case. They should be capable of doing a decent job rather than doing it for the sake of doing it.

1.Selecting a T-Shirt Printing Platform

Once you’ve decided on a template and idea, you’ll need to look for a website that offers custom shirts in India. You must conduct extensive research when searching and looking for options online. Don’t be misled by sites that appear to deliver a great deal but are just a marketing trick. Instead, look for a website that allows you to personalize a simple T-shirt with your favourite style. There should also be an option to give you a better understanding of how to build. Before making a final decision, you can try out the website and use all of its features.

2.Selecting a Custom Clothing Piece

You must now choose a product once you have narrowed down the platform and finalized a template. Don’t limit yourself to the most simple, plain designs; instead, try to find more items that fit your needs. For example, if you’re getting a personalized T-shirt made for an outdoor day case, go with white cotton. If you want to give your workers a present, you’ll need to think about a more customized product for women and men separately. Whatever your goal is, make sure the goods are appropriate for the job. Note that your customized gift should be one-of-a-kind and distinct from others. Choose from turtlenecks, crewnecks, and hoodies from the best Customized T Shirts Chennai

3.Putting the Order in the Right Place

It’s time to place an order after you’ve agreed on the size, style, and product type. You must negotiate the budget with the website manager to see if it is feasible. Then, determine the number of items you want to print as well as the T-shirt sizes. Make a thorough list of all the specifications, including the number of participants, the type of product, the T-shirt size, and the time and date of the event. You should print a few extra T-shirts as a backup from the leading    T Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai in case you need them at the event. You must ensure that your time and efforts are not wasted in any way.


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How to select the best customized printed caps

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Here’s how you need to go about it – 

You would want to select the best-printed caps for any kind of special meeting, party, or get-together. Or it might just be for you and not for any social or corporate reasons, whatever might be the purpose the Cap Manufacturers in Chennai, got you covered with a wide range of stylish and trending caps that are the best in quality and much more. The caps you might want to select can differ in many color shades, patterns, or even designs. 

The different types of caps – 

When it comes to the type of caps, there are several types of caps that you can easily choose from without wasting much time. 


  • There is a baseball cap that you can select if you or your sports team wants to play baseball. 
  • Then comes the famous Fedora Caps, these caps are also commonly found and they come along with fashionable and folded brims. 
  • If you are a fashionable person, and you want to wear caps to accessorize and modernize your look, then you should go with sun visor caps, because these caps come with cool shades of colors, patterns, and designs and are quite affordable too. 
  • Have you heard about the beret caps? These caps are also quite famous for the quirky and funky look that they bring in. Mostly you can see people wearing these caps in darker shades of colors. 
  • Pork Pie Cap is also similar to the fedora cap but the only difference between the two is that pork pie caps come with attached brooches, feathers for giving a high fashion look. 
  • Did you know what sort of caps do children like? If you guessed it as a bucket cap, then you are right. These types of caps are made out of woven cotton materials, so they are ideal for all seasons, especially summers and they provide all-day comfort at a reasonable cost. This type of cap is also known as a fishing cap or beanie cap. These kinds of caps are best known to give soothing relief from intense sunlight and provide great shade giving a cool feeling.

If you are placing bulk orders for your cap, then you can consider clubbing the distribution of caps with other merchandise as well, for example, shirts and bags, then you can get in touch with the leading Bag Manufacturers in Chennai and Shirts Manufacturers in Chennai and place your requirements in front of them accordingly. Therefore, without any further ado, order your favorite caps from the best manufacturer right away for several needs such as corporate distribution, for sports team members, or even for your friends.

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How to select the best custom-designed t-shirt for...

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While there are so many functions, event festivities, meetings, and what not that we need to attend regularly it is quite overwhelming for us to choose The right kind and best variety of custom-designed printed T-shirts for that special event. The best and leading T Shirt Printing in Chennai Design premium quality custom-made printed T-shirts that will rightly suit your special event function or festivities. Thus you need to find the right designers who can rightly understand your specific needs and desires when it comes to custom-made t-shirt patterns. 

Shirts Manufacturers in Chennai frame the theme around the concepts for better designing your tailor-made T-shirts. There are different rules for designs that need to be followed for formal events and informal events for example for formal events of functions you would not want to choose explicit patterns and choose the one which is a little formal. whereas when it comes to informal designs and patterns we can choose playful colours stripes patterns designs and prints. Let’s come to festivals first like New year Christmas Holi Dussehra these are light-hearted and event filled with fun and happiness we could choose to select themes which are bright and catchy. This will also help us to stand out of the crowd when all others are bringing usual party clothes. You can be unique by wearing funky and Stylish clothes. 

Customized T Shirts Chennai Formal clothes are also attracted by the printing or designing the most unique themes which will undoubtedly suit your formal event. Children can best use these custom-designed printed theme shirts to flaunt their style among their friends. be it their favourite cartoon character movie star, celebrity, famous sports stars are there or even their favourite object you can have them printed stylishly on the shirt. The next best thing to consider is the quality of the cloth because as much as beautiful and attractive designs and prints matter that much the quality of cloth also matters. so make sure you don’t settle when it comes to the quality or else it might be tough to wash that cloth in the washing machine. When it comes to certain events try to play with creative colour combinations of two or three colours ranging from bright neutral to pastel colours to give you a whole new fabulous look. For example, there is the famous monochrome design that you can choose to experiment with.

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The Best-Customized Themes for Children’s T-shir...

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Children love to wear special customized T-shirts to express their love and obsession with their favourite cartoon characters, places, food, toys, and so on. Likewise, we also would love to see children in the trendiest T-Shirts flaunting their style with their friends. There are several places for T Shirt Printing in Chennai to easily get theme design and customize T-shirts according to your taste, likes, and preferences. Make sure that every t-shirt you buy for your kids does not just lie in the corner of the wardrobe. Therefore when you buy the best-customized t-shirts for your children they would love to wear them again and again and the shirts you buy for them won’t go unused at all. 

Get in touch with the best T Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai For understanding the plethora of designs that are o Otherwise not available in the usual stores. Also with the help of professional designers, you can mix several ideas into a single customized concept. You can also get ideas and inspirations from the various social media platforms where you get to see a wide collection of customized themes for T-shirts and other apparel. 

Given below are the various wonderful themes that you can try for your children’s customized T-shirts 

  • Animal print design – Whether they like cheetah print, leopard print, zebra print, or tiger print. There are all ranges of exclusive prints available at a super affordable cost.
  • Cartoon character design – From Mickey mouse Minnie Mouse Tom and Jerry Ninja Hattori Doraemon Noddy Dora the Explorer Ben 10 Mr Bean Power Rangers Scooby Doo, Barbie dolls, Disney Princess, and the list just goes on. 
  • Catchy quotes – Pick up your kids’ favourite coat and make it the central theme of their t-shirts and let them flash and flaunt it among their friends. You can get all these from the best Customized T Shirts Chennai.
  • Favourite sport – Whether it is basketball volleyball throwball golf, cricket football, or any other sport or game there crazy about why not let that be visible in the T-Shirts too? You can also experiment with their favourite physical activities like running, jogging, swimming, trekking, and so on. 
  • Favourite celebrities – From movie Stars Sports celebrities to the favourite brand ambassadors, let them have their favourite celebrities printed on their favourite shirts. 
  • Favourite animation – children these days are very fond of animation so make sure you include the favourite designs on the shirt ranging from Doodle arts anime characters and much more.
  • Printed photograph – just imagine the joy of seeing the smile on your children’s face when they see their favourite T-shirt. surprise them on their birthdays by gifting them this exclusive customized T-shirt.
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How to select the right shirt while working out in...

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The number one quality that you should be looking out for in a workout shirt should be a comfort. You must feel comfortable while you’re working out so that you work out to the best of your efficiency. Don’t be too obsessed with high branded gym shirts. Working out is essentially aimed at your fitness and wellness and not about branded shirts. Thus, the best T-Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai deliver the best workout or gym shirts that will help you exercise for a longer period with supreme comfort. Hence without wasting any more time, purchase the t-shirt at the best T-Shirt Printing in Chennai at an affordable cost.

Whether you believe it or not the t-shirt you are wearing makes a huge impact while you work out in the gym. If you wear a T-shirt that is not comfortable during a workout you will not be able to complete your exercise properly. Thus, You need to choose the right fabric, the right fit, and the right quality of T-shirt during your workout session at the gym or your home. Whether you are doing heavy exercise or light exercise the importance of the quality of the t-shirt remains the same. First of all, avoid the fabrics which are too thick and don’t allow you to breathe very easily, your shirt should not contain Plastic based or rubber-based materials. 

You must ensure that the t-shirt you wear during your workout session is thinner and allows you to breathe and stretch properly. If you choose a t-shirt which is not breathable, then you will feel a bit suffocating and uneasy. You should also avoid cotton T-shirts for your workout because cotton t-shirts absorb sweat quickly during your workout which will ultimately lead to extreme discomfort and unproductivity. t-shirts made out of fabrics having polypropylene and nylon are a great choice for exercise and other physical activities in which you will sweat a lot, these fabrics allow the sweat to be evaporated efficiently from the skin but do not soak your t-shirt leaving you fresh, comfortable and sweat-free. 

Why be serious when you workout, you can have fun while you workout by wearing Customized T-Shirts Chennai which will give you tailor-made t-shirts according to your likes, preferences, and tastes. You can wear a themed t-shirt every day while you work out. 

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How To Choose The Right School Bag For Kids?

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A bag is the first personal item a child possesses after getting admission from the school. So, the children would pick the best of all from the bunch when it comes to the selection of school bags. The Bag Manufacturers in Chennai chooses the right padded shoulder size that could be adjusted according to the height of the child.

Features Required For Choosing The Right School Bag For Kids:

Considering The Size And Pockets:

It is necessary to determine the size of the objects and the weight that children carry to school every day to ensure that the correct choices are made when the items are purchased. The size can be considered based upon the need of the compartment, place of putting lunch boxes, quantities of textbooks and notebooks that need to be carried at once.

Choosing The Right Fabric:

It is essential to choose the right fabric as it determines the breathability, weight, and durability of the backpack. New synthetic fabrics last longer as they are light-weight than leather. But, if a leather bag is chosen, it will be much heavier before loading in it. So, synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester can be chosen as they are more resistant to water than natural fibres like linen.

Considering Current Fashions:

It is important to consider the current fashions as style is one of the characteristic features of a school bag. Nowadays, children prefer to choose a bag that looks decorative and also that is currently in trend. Printed design bags are fashionable, but solid colours need to be considered as it is worn every day and it has to match the outfits as well. The eco-friendly bag can also be tried as they are made from sustainable or recycled materials which are very trendy.

Selecting The Bag With Adjustable Shoulder Straps:

A child’s bag should be placed two inches above the waist according to an academy of Paediatrics. It is recommended to choose the bag with adjustable straps so that it sits firmly against the strongest part of the back. So, if the bag sits too lower or sways around on the back, it can cause spinal problems and back pain especially when it is very heavy to carry.

Customwink also offers several types of T Shirt Printing in Chennai apart from manufacturing school bags that are offered at least expensive prices with different processes of printing screens in a large order.

It also manufactures Branded Shirts Wholesale in Chennai as they expose and promote the business and brand to a new crowd.

Thus, the best shirts and school bags play an important role in everyday life when they are purchased from the right store.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Laptop Bag

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The classic laptop bag is a much-needed accessory that has both visual and practical benefits. So, it is important to do everything required to protect it and promote its longevity after making the significant investment of purchasing the laptop. The Bag Manufacturers in Chennai chooses the right fabric and structure to accomplish the longevity of the laptop bags. They provide personalized styles and produce new usage principles in cooperation with the consumers based on their requirements.

Tips For Choosing The Best Laptop Bag:

Comparing The Size Of The Bag:

It is important to measure the laptop and compare it to the size of the bag to ensure that the right choices are made when the bags are purchased. The laptop can even be carried with people so that the size of the bag can be checked with ease.

Checking For The Extra Storage:

It is essential to choose a bag that consists of pockets and separate compartments for other accessories such as notebooks, cards, USBs, batteries, and mouse as this protects the laptops from bumps and scratches as well as the other items from being damaged by the weight of the laptop. 

Making Sure That The Bag Comes With Good Quality:

It is necessary to make sure that the chosen fabric is both lightweight and durable as the laptop bags are used regularly. So, having extra padding on the bag and the shoulder strap needs to be ideal which protects both the laptop and the spine in the body. There are adjustable straps available in the market that help in customizing the design to better fit the body which can also be ensured appropriately.

Making Sure That The Piece Of Bag Chosen Comes With Warranty:

It is recommended to make sure that the piece of bag chosen comes with a warranty as it allows in fixing the damages free of cost if it breaks due to several factors other than general wear and tear.

Customwink also offers various types of T Shirt Printing in Chennai apart from manufacturing laptop bags at affordable prices which are highly appreciated by the customers for their features like versatility, comfortability, and productivity.

We also manufacture Branded Shirts Wholesale in Chennai to contribute to a cohesive work environment as they create a common identity between people.

Thus, the best laptop bags and shirts play a pivotal role in day-to-day life when they are designed with high-quality fabric and design specifications.


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Types Of Handbags That Every Woman Should Know

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A bag is a soft container that can be made from cloth, leather, plastic, or paper which can be carried either by hand or over the shoulder. They are traditionally marketed to women for carrying their cosmetics, money, and personal belongings. The Bag Manufacturers in Chennai are experts in specializing in customized handbags that could be carried out on almost every occasion. They ensure that their products are delivered with the best quality materials that suit perfectly and are manufactured in a perfect environment.

Types Of Handbags That Every Woman Should Know:

Tote Bag:

A tote bag is a large unfastened bag with two parallel shoulder handles on either side with ample storage space that is super-comfortable to carry around. It is an extremely versatile bag to be invested in as it suits perfectly on any occasion that demands carrying more items.

Shoulder Bag:

A shoulder bag is moulded with all the trimmings commonly associated with a generic handbag such as compartments, zippered pockets, and a mechanism to seal it shut. It is the most essential bag for every woman as it can be carried out on a shoulder with thinner and short straps than that of a tote bag.

Saddle Cross-Body Bag:

A saddlebag is a front flap that folds over and can be fastened with a clasp that is relatively small and they are made with long cross-body straps. So, saddlebags have become a must-have fashion accessory due to their classic and elegant designs.

Satchel Bag:

A satchel bag looks like a soft-sided briefcase with a long strap that can be carried diagonally across the body and are relatively spacious than average handbags which are moulded with a rectangular body with a flat bottom. It is a large bag that is usually used for casual occasions as they are connected to a pair of straps.

Hobo Bag:

A hobo bag is typically large with a slouched body in a crescent shape that consists of long straps to be worn over the shoulder. They are sealed with a singular zipper and have spacious compartments that are made with a soft elastic material.

So, all the above types of handbags play a pivotal role in the life of every modern woman as they are considered essential fashion statements for people wearing them.

Customwink also offers various types of custom T-Shirt Printing in Chennai that have become quite popular over the years apart from manufacturing handbags as most of the people desire to select and personalize the graphics that they need on their shirts.

We also manufacture Branded Shirts Wholesale in Chennai to serve as excellent corporate gifts and for boosting corporate culture as they are preferred by most of the people.

Thus, the best handbags and shirts are important in day-to-day life as they create social perceptions and norms depending upon their purposes, circumstances, and occasions.


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Best Things To Be Known About The Process Of Scree...

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T-Shirt Printing is bearing a T-Shirt with images, designs, and lettering on it. Printed T-Shirts are made even on long sleeves, short sleeves, v neck, scoop neck, and sleeveless. There are various T Shirt Manufacturers In Chennai who offer the best T-Shirt Printing with different processes of printing screens in a large order. 

Process Of Screen Printing:

Creation Of Designs:

The first step in the process of screen printing is to create artwork that can be done using any design software available in the market. The designs can also be printed on transparent acetate films on the fabrics which are used for creating the screens.

Preparation Of The Screens:

The printer chooses the materials of the screens to suit the texture of the fabric and choosing the right mesh screen involves assessing the complexity of the designs being printed and they are coated with a layer of light-reactive emulsion, which hardens when developed under bright sunlight.

Exposing The Emulsion:

The acetate sheet featuring the designs is then laid onto the emulsion-coated screen and they are exposed to very bright light which hardens the exposed emulsion. If the final design is more than one color, then separate screens must be used to apply each layer with ink.

Creation Of The Stencil:

The screen is exposed to light for a certain period before the emulsion gets hardened on any areas that are not covered by the designs. The emulsion remaining in the liquid form will be carefully rinsed away to leave a clear stamp of the designs.

Preparation For Print:

The item or garment is placed on the printing press and the screen is carefully placed on the top in the desired position which makes the material prepared for printing.
Pressing Of The Ink Throughout The Screen:

The screen is lowered down to the printing board above the pieces of items or garments and a thick layer of ink is applied on the top of the screen in the desired colors. The squeegee(a rubber blade attached to a long metal handle) pulls the ink along the entire length of the screen which presses the ink through all the open areas of the stencils and transfers on to the items underneath leaving patterns of ink in the desired designs. If the printer needs to create multiple items, this process can be created as many times as required using the same stencils. The emulsion is removed using a special washing fluid when the stencils have served their purposes and when all the items are printed so that the mesh can be reused for creating new stencils.

Quality Check & Finish:

The printed product is then passed through the dryer where the ink gets cured and reveals a colorfast, smooth finish design. The final product will be washed and checked thoroughly to remove all the traces of emulsion residue and ensures readiness for usage.

Thus these are the steps involved in the process of screen printing Customized T Shirts Chennai which can be carried out in a different number of ways to achieve the desired results. 

Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai are experts in customizing specialized clothing that could be worn on almost every occasion. They ensure that their products are delivered with the best quality materials and they are offered at affordable prices that are highly appreciated by the customers for their attractive features like flame resistance, skin-friendly, and long life.


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Top T-shirt Types & How To Wear It?

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There are varieties of T-shirts available in Shirts Manufacturers in Chennai, but boys feel quite complicated in wearing the right t-shirt for pants they wear. Boys mostly choose the same old color and never come up for trending colors.

A black t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, this is the standard dress that most of the boys wear, particularly, Indian youngsters are addicted to these colors and outfits. That is best, but come out of it and change your style and look at yourself a little new. 


Top T-shirts and How To Look Class Wearing It?


Crew Neck/ Round Necked T-shirt

Crew necked t-shirt is the most favored t-shirt among Indian youngsters. 

For skinny boys, it is better to wear a multi-colored crew necked t-shirt. 

Along with a round-necked t-shirt, if you are planning to wear casuals, then wear pale color pants and if you are going for jeans, then wear dark color jeans. Don’t wear black jeans for this type of t-shirt.


V-Necked T-shirt

V-Necked t-shirts are getting popular among teenagers. 

If you are looking for jeans trousers, then a V-necked t-shirt won’t be the right choice. Full sleeve V necked t-shirts are a good choice for jeans, but casuals are always preferred for this type of t-shirt for a stunning look. Customized T Shirts Chennai has varieties of V necked t-shirt collections. 


V Necked t-shirt colors – Both dark and pale colors are fine, choose according to your skin to match it.


Polo T-shirts

Youths are worried to wear them because according to today’s teens, polo shirts are for adults. 

But there is a secret crush for polo t-shirts. Bodybuilders and fit guys can look classy with this type of t-shirts. Multicolor, plain both give you an outstanding look along with Blue jean trouser. 


Henley T-shirts

Skinny guys mostly don’t choose this, but pale color henley shirts and casual trousers will be fine for skinny guys. This may not look stylish for skinny guys, but it will give you a luxurious look.

Guys above 20 can wear this t-shirt with jeans and do not forget to fold the trousers at the end. 


Sleeveless T-shirts

Sleeveless, This looks fine for everyone, it is best to wear when you get out with your friends for a party or bike ride. T Shirt Printing in Chennai produces many designed sleeveless t-shirts for youngsters out there in the city.


Jeans, Casual trousers, and shorts suit this perfectly. 

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