Know this before you choose a T-Shirt Printing Met...

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Ordering a customized T-shirt can be tedious if you dive into it without prior knowledge or awareness. You may also end up shelling more money from your pocket or choose the wrong printing method and now your T-Shirt isn’t that attractive because of this blunder. Making the correct choice of T Shirt Printing in Chennai is crucial to saving time, effort, and money.  

The decision of the printing methods wavers according to many factors such as your quantity, the material you wish to print the design on, and the total number of distinct colors in your design. These things contribute to the final decision of choosing appropriate printing methods.

Before we know the factors that affect our choices, let us look at the most common types of printing methods available.

Types of T-Shirt printing methods

1 – Screen Printing 

This form of printing brings out vivid colors. Generally, this is mostly preferred for the same reason. The design is flattened out on a screen and then the screen is pressed against the T-shirt to print the design. Screen Printing uses separate screens for each color and they are printed one by one. 

2 – Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing

This method is very swift for printing less quantity of T-shirts. It is a simple process just like the name suggests. The design is printed digitally as you would normally take a photocopy of your documents from your computer! It gives a soothing vibe to the colors but is not long-lasting.

3 – Dye-sublimation 

This process uses heat to apply the dye to the material. This works best on synthetic materials like polyesters. The thermal application adds a certain shine to the design and makes it durable for the long run.

What to know before you choose a Printing Method?

The basic understanding of the printing methods available will form a decent prelude to this section. Keep in mind that every printing method has its advantages and disadvantages. All you need to concentrate on is the desired quality and the suitable printing method that will get you there.

These factors must be considered when you are printing Customized T Shirts Chennai.

1 – Know your quantity!

The units you would like to print determines the printing methods. When the demand is larger, say above 15 or 20, it makes sense to use screen printing. Even though they follow an elaborate process to set it up for printing, it pays huge returns in the form of greater detail and cost-efficiency. 

While screen printing is for bulk quantities, DTG printing works good on smaller orders—even on a single unit! 

2 – Know your textile material

The printing method varies with the nature of the fabric you wish to have your designs printed. Choosing the suitable printing method based on the apparel determines the final quality, durability, and richness of the design.

Screen printing works well with all synthetic fabrics like polyester and other blends. Hence, it would also be the most preferred choice as it covers a whole umbrella of fabrics. Digital printing is not the appropriate selection for such synthetic fabrics but gives a great output when used on cotton. Sourcing the best quality materials from the T Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai is essential.

3 – Design and colors

If you have more intricate designs and colors, then digital printing is your best bet. It is tedious to print a wide range of colors with screen printing as each color is printed individually and hence can be a lot of work and money.

Make a better choice of printing methods when you order customized T-shirts next time!

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Top three T-Shirt printing materials—And how to ...

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Ordering custom-printed T-shirts is indeed a challenging job. The mere amount of decisions required in terms of the design, its sizes, the color(s), and the quantity of the order is enough to baffle the buyer’s mind. No matter how comprehensive or well-planned the decision might be, in some cases, a basic criterion for a good output is overlooked.

The material used for T Shirt Printing in Chennai holds a lot of importance to meet the desired outcome. Ignoring this can cause issues with regard to the durability and the comfort of the T-Shirt. 

Getting the print material right makes the T-Shirt look good and also offers the expected functional benefits of a garment. Here are some T-Shirt printing materials and how to select them based on the requirements.

1 – Cotton

Cotton is typically used by most of the T Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai. It is due to the fact that cotton is soft, comfortable, and has the potential to absorb. Even though it has huge popularity, it still has its own downside owing to the presence of its inherent quality.

But, a “Cotton” T-Shirt does not necessarily mean it’s made from “Cotton” because they can be differentiated—with the method of manufacturing used to spin the raw cotton into yarns—into Carded open-end cotton (100% Cotton) and ring-spun cotton.

Carded open-end cotton

Any 100% cotton is the same as ‘Carded Open-End’ cotton. They differ not in the properties but in the way they are spun into yarns. The raw cotton is straightened out into bundles and then spun into yarns. This makes the material coarse and gives the designs—a rough sensation.

When to choose COE cotton?

A larger quantity of T-Shirts is possible and fast with this manufacturing process. This gives an economical option to the buyer. Normally, these are best for all merchandising purposes.

Ring-spun Cotton

The cotton follows a traditional method in this process. Since they are spun with the help of spindles, the fibers bind strongly as compared to the COE cotton. The outcome is that of a smooth, soft finish.

When to choose ring-spun cotton?

The increase in cost—due to the additional processes—is offset by the increase in softness. Hence, it is still the cheapest option available if opting for good quality material.

2 – Polyesters

Polyester offers more durability than cotton. They are synthetic plastic fibers extracted from molten plastic and later heated to make them soft and flexible. Compared to cotton, they resist tough conditions and do not easily wrinkle.

When to choose polyesters?

The characteristics of this material and its advantages make them the best fit to print sports jerseys as they are durable and resist hard wear and tear in extreme conditions present in a playing field.

3 – Rayon

Rayon is a semi-synthetic material that is manufactured by processing cellulose extracted from wood pulp. The resulting material is very smooth, silk, and has a shine to it. It feels good against the skin. Rayon is often blended with other fabrics to produce the characteristics because pure rayon is costly.

When to choose Rayon?

Rayons are best for winter clothes. Another advantage is that they easily accept designs more than any other materials. Even though it is costly—the premium look and feel on the Customized T Shirts Chennai would definitely be worth it!

Every material has its independent pros and cons. But making the right call to match the printing requirement with respect to the quality and the cost would definitely minimize any disadvantages! 

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Make your company shirts feel great – With C...

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In this new age of business, companies that embrace new trends and flow with the dynamic culture of the society have all the chance of hitting a bullseye with their target audience. It helps the companies–be it a startup or a multi-billion dollar need to come up with such marketing strategies that propel their campaign to its maximum extent possible. 

Of late, T Shirt Printing in Chennai has seen a growth spurt like never before! The new trend is just beginning to percolate with all the age groups in the society.

Hence, companies have a possible marketing channel to convey their brand messages, philosophies, and its causes more effectively now through this medium of customized T-Shirts. Messages and themes conveyed by way of Custom T-Shirts resonate more with the audience very easily than any other form of marketing. 

So, to make your company shirts stand out from all the clutter, what helps?

1 – Choose a suitable garment!

The basic thing to start designing the company’s shirt is obviously to select the right kind of garment that goes in line with the objective of printing customized T-shirts. It may seem easy at first. Just pick something economical, looks good, and comfortable right? No! The choices are many and that is why the task can be a little challenging.

Here is a list of questions to be asked before printing the t-shirts.

  • Decide on the purpose of its use (Casualwear, Promotions, or Uniforms?)
  • Who needs them? (Top management, middle, or the staff?)
  • Frequency of wearing them (Daily use, weekly, or single-use?)
  • And most importantly–The budget
2 – The right area to print!

The layout of the design must be appropriate to the objective of the printing. A full frontal printing is right when it comes to the standard t-shirt but for a corporate design, this might change. T Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai would provide the much-needed expertise in this matter.

For a corporate uniform, it makes sense to have the logo on the left side of the chest while leaving the rest of the T-Shirt in a plain color, and having a full-fledged design on the back would have a great effect design-wise. Etching the names of the employee on the right side gives them that extra sense of pride and belongingness.

3 – Pick appropriate colors!

This may sound simple but most decisions go wrong here. Integrating impactful colors in the design could give an edge to the business and reach the audience more effectively by way of emotions. Think of the desired feelings your brand evokes, and pick the right color that portrays the feeling. 

4 – Convey the message appropriately and effectively!

With everything done right,  Customized T Shirts Chennai would fail to impress the intended audience in an intended way if the message conveyed is ambiguous or is not in the brand’s voice. Formulate the theme concisely and clearly reflecting the brand image.

5 – Add accessories!

Once all the design of the shirt comes out in the desired manner, it is now time to think of all the additional set of items that might go with the T-Shirt. For instance, a cap with the logo of the company to those employees who go out for delivery or a hoodie, if the nature of the job allows for it. This will serve as a finishing touch to the overall design of the custom company shirts to make them look great.


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The best types of T-shirts men should own

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It’s no mystery that the greatest dress in males is denim and T-shirt. Boys like to wear low-key wearing T-shirts and there is no limit for mode-aware men. All male’s informal closets are staples of T-shirts. Not only are they soft, but they’re also very comfortable and trendy. Boys usually prefer a classic rectangular neck t-shirt or higher durability, and there’s a wide range of male t-shirts accessible in every kind of color, fit and style on the market today from the best T-Shirt Printing in Chennai.

  1. Polo T-Shirt – Polo shirts are very flexible as golfing, formal events, meetings, acquaintances, and trying to run sales are available for all. These T-Shirts are also the best way to create the notion of a complete upper body for people with a slim body shape.
  1. T-shirt Henley 

These look fantastic when chosen to wear informal or semi-formal instances with jeans, Chinese, khakis, cargo, or pajama pants. Henley’s T-shirt can be found in different models and colors, but one looks the best in a simple dark shade. Get your favorite Henley shirt from Customized T-Shirts Chennai.

  1. V-neck T-shirt.

A V-neck t-shirt in his clothes is something that every guy has. It offers both formal and informal appearance. Men who would like to show up their abs and forearms can wear a fitness or style icón and a skin v-neck t-shirt.

  1. T-shirt striped 

Each style icon outfit has a striped t-shirt. It’s preppy, masterpiece and matches every man’s personality. If you are wearing a T-shirt horizontally or vertically, you can dress it for a night out with jeans, shirts, dinner, etc. Patterned T-shirts, such as v neck, ladle neck, and U neck, are available with different collars.

  1. T-Shirt Graphic

Each man in his clothes has at least one pair of graphic t-shirts. Such unbelievably adaptable T-Shirts are filled with intriguing fonts, catchphrases, significant in promoting, patterns, pictures, or thematic photos (usually on chest and back). Visual t-shirts with blue jeans and sneakers are very casual and look best. 

  1. Pocket T-shirts.

Pocket tees come with a single or printed small pocket. The pocket is only for fashion and a simple t-shirt. T-shirt with pockets and jeans at residence for an informal week as well.

  1. T-shirt Solid/Clear. 

For people who enjoy tidy, negligible looks, solid and simple t-shirts are the right alternative. These popular t-shirts are ageless and never fashionable. They can be easily mixed and mixed and used almost every time.

  1. T-Shirt Hooded fashion man has capsized very common t-shirts. These classy, nimble t-shirts give your holiday appearance to the right corner. So get these from the top T-Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai.
  1. T-shirt crew neck. Scoop neck t-shirts are an excellent informal and comfy combination. For men with a smaller waist, they are indeed a great time to make the crew’s neck T-shirts look bigger and better. Wear a t-shirt with the production team to appreciate a relaxed evening or put it in colored shirts to make it appear casual.
  1. T-shirt U Neck/Scoop Neck. If you’d like to demonstrate the most skin or a look into your chest, go for t-shirts for U-neck as well as scoop-neck. About the U-neck t-shirt, the top option is plain and stretched.


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Why custom made T-shirts are better than regular T...

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T-shirts have been a means of expressing themselves for decades now. Many people show their loyalty through this clothing to a team, person, or product. Most brands and revolutionary groups seek to make this clothing aware of the masses. We will talk here about why tailor-made T-Shirt Printing in Chennai can be a good promotional tool and how they would influence the marketing aspect.

  1. Printing bulk t-shirts are inexpensive

If a product wants to make bulk printed T-shirts, the price per piece decreases and the exact value to be planned to spend decreases. Besides, T-shirts can offer customers and guests great gifts.

  1. More environmentally friendly

Most ecologists agree that a T-shirt as marketing means is more environmentally friendly than traditional methods like brochures, journal ads, and billboards, among many others. Since a T-shirt is made of materials that can be degraded and its durability is larger than any other key promotional strategy.

  1. Far more visible in communication and advertising movements than any other merchandise

To gain fame, the majority of social movements and marketing campaigns create goods and spread them over the general public with the help of the leading T-Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai. Publishing and delivering custom t-shirts is a good way to raise awareness about your social campaign, as the design itself can represent the purpose of your work and include a personalized title/slogans to ensure the communication is consistent. Such as, you’ll give your people a themed Customized T-Shirts Chennai with an emblem, tagline, and cancer awareness message that they are used to raise money, you’ll give them a small gift they can keep forever, keep a treasure in their soul and be appreciative. This will encourage them to continue their cultural service and take part in future awareness strolls! Even if a commercial project or cultural campaign gives custom t-shirts, you could wear them with great pride.

  1. Better imagery for visuals

The man could have heard often that “What you advertise is what the naked eye can see and analyze.” A brand that has the most attractive content on its advertising channels, is therefore usually the brand that sells the most. The human mind processes visuals 60,000 times quicker as per research. Visually designed to stimulate was the content that had visual and capturing taglines.

  1. Great for opening talks

You can probably recall that when you last took a cab or mass transit and wore a t-shirt for a specific brand, you certainly could have had a wonderful discussion. Therefore these t-shirts are many times like great chat starters. Particularly when it comes to a brand or a move.

  1. Brings uniformity to the sensation

People are social beings. You want to be part of the click and not stay away unless you could do the same. The same type of T-Shirt makes people part of a certain clique and after the event is over, the other individual can carry the same T-Shirt and attach it with it.

When you are a new brand, it is better fr everyone, including your staff, associates, and partners, to get customized goods to make everyone aware that everybody is considered infirm.



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The best-customized T-shirt for college students

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There are several events, fests, and meet-ups that happen in our college lives that bring in great joy, enthusiasm, and energy. Hence on such occasions, we would love to make it more memorable, by wearing special T-shirts that have a unique theme and are customized to suit the requirements of particular fests or meetings. Thus, get in touch with the best T-Shirt Printing in Chennai for booking your orders for customized T-shirts. These will bring in a fresh change of the atmosphere and make students happier. The T-shirts can be classified into several types like shirts for college fests, academic meetings, sports competitions, cultural activities, and so on. Thus, the custom-made T-shirts can be made of different sizes and shapes like hoodies, 3/4th sleeve T-shirts, round collar T-shirts, V-neck T-shirts, sleeveless T-shirts, designer T-shirts, theme-based T-shirts and there are many more things to add to the list depending on your needs and requirements. 

The best T Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai make T-shirts by combining several designs and patterns. Like, combining festive and anime or cartoon themes with a different touch of color, shade, and tone. What’s more? You can also make your custom-designed T-shirt printing service provider include group photos of your college or even a single photo, hence there is no limit to how you can design your custom-made T-shirts or other merchandise goodies like jackets, bags, or caps. You can also consider getting customized merchandise like caps, bags, jackets from Cap Manufacturers in Chennai or Bag Manufacturers in Chennai. This will firstly help you match your outfit with these accessories and give a stylish look to you at that special event. Also, you can get the branded versions of these customized T-shirts with leading brands like Puma, Arrow, Flying Machine, Reid & Taylor, US Polo Assn, United Colors of Benetton, and a lot more top brands across India and the world. 

You can also make sure that you give your designs to the professional designers at the custom-made T-shirt service providers in Chennai. You can either get these designs from your friends, family, or your favorite movie, series character. You can be inspired by as many designs as you want for your custom-made T-shirt. Right from contemporary designs, grand color designs, antique designs, doodle designs, written designs, block designs, funny comic designs, tagline designs, favorite product design (if you are a coffee enthusiast, sports enthusiast, adventure seeker, or food lover, you can also include these things in your custom-made T-shirts). Hence without any further ado, get your favorite custom-made theme-based designer T-shirts from the leading T-shirt manufacturing service providers in Chennai for several college fests, events, or meetings. 

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How to select the best custom-made Fleece Jacket?

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You’re probably going to order a custom-made jacket from a T-Shirt Manufacturer in Chennai because you want to be able to make the exact design you want. So make sure to select a company that can provide you with what you require. Some businesses restrict the amount of customization you could do. In the meantime, look for a cut-and-sew shop that will custom-make your coat to your required requirements.

When it comes to T-Shirt Printing in Chennai or custom-made jackets, there are numerous factors to take into account. You must consider the level of ease and elegance that you want. Consider what it will be used for and what sort of climate it will need to protect against. Fleece is a fabric that can be worn in a variety of ways. Everybody should have a personalized fleece jacket in their closet. When it comes to custom fleece jackets, however, there are numerous aspects to look into. Here are some things to think about.

Fleece is a kind of synthetic fiber that is typically 100 percent made of polyester material. Because fleece is so adaptable, it can be made into almost any type of clothing. Jackets, pants, and tops are all included. Fleece clothing is ideal for weather that necessitates the use of layers. The synthetic fibers used to make fleece are also long-lasting and effective at insulating the body. Furthermore, fleece clothing is typically made with a variety of weights and features, making it ideal for a wide range of situations and purposes.

Microfleece is a thin and lightweight material. It is ideal for milder winter weather. Microfleece offers protection that is both comfortable and breathable. This is ideal for people who are constantly active. The most common type of Customized T-Shirts Chennai is the fleece jacket that is mid-weight fleece in particular, which is ideal for everyday use. It is also suitable for a wide range of activities. Mid-weight fleece provides a high level of coating while also providing a comfortable fit. This is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and climbing.

Custom fleece jackets typically have a half or full zipper. A half zipper runs down the neck and finishes just above the chest. In contrast to a full zipper jacket, which can be easily put on and taken off, this type of jacket must be pulled over your head to be worn. The chin guard, which is the fabric that covers the zipper, is a useful feature. This feature is essential because it prevents your skin from becoming entangled in the zipper. It also aids in the fight against cold wind and weather by preventing cold air from entering through the zipper. The chest pocket is another useful feature of custom fleece jackets that are used by Shirts Manufacturers in Chennai. These are ideal for storing small items like keys.


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How to buy the best Customized T Shirts

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Most events require custom shirts to draw attendees’ attention and help increase brand awareness. There are numerous custom shirts available in India that will provide you with the best possible prints and ensure that your event is a success. Whatever sort of event you’re having, a custom shirt is just what you’ll need to catch everyone’s attention and more eyeballs. A custom shirt with your company’s logo will help to establish your brand identity and will be photographed during photo shoots and live social media coverage. You’ll need to find a dependable company for T Shirt Printing in Chennai that can produce your custom prints on time before the case. They should be capable of doing a decent job rather than doing it for the sake of doing it.

1.Selecting a T-Shirt Printing Platform

Once you’ve decided on a template and idea, you’ll need to look for a website that offers custom shirts in India. You must conduct extensive research when searching and looking for options online. Don’t be misled by sites that appear to deliver a great deal but are just a marketing trick. Instead, look for a website that allows you to personalize a simple T-shirt with your favourite style. There should also be an option to give you a better understanding of how to build. Before making a final decision, you can try out the website and use all of its features.

2.Selecting a Custom Clothing Piece

You must now choose a product once you have narrowed down the platform and finalized a template. Don’t limit yourself to the most simple, plain designs; instead, try to find more items that fit your needs. For example, if you’re getting a personalized T-shirt made for an outdoor day case, go with white cotton. If you want to give your workers a present, you’ll need to think about a more customized product for women and men separately. Whatever your goal is, make sure the goods are appropriate for the job. Note that your customized gift should be one-of-a-kind and distinct from others. Choose from turtlenecks, crewnecks, and hoodies from the best Customized T Shirts Chennai

3.Putting the Order in the Right Place

It’s time to place an order after you’ve agreed on the size, style, and product type. You must negotiate the budget with the website manager to see if it is feasible. Then, determine the number of items you want to print as well as the T-shirt sizes. Make a thorough list of all the specifications, including the number of participants, the type of product, the T-shirt size, and the time and date of the event. You should print a few extra T-shirts as a backup from the leading    T Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai in case you need them at the event. You must ensure that your time and efforts are not wasted in any way.


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How to select the best customized printed caps

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Here’s how you need to go about it – 

You would want to select the best-printed caps for any kind of special meeting, party, or get-together. Or it might just be for you and not for any social or corporate reasons, whatever might be the purpose the Cap Manufacturers in Chennai, got you covered with a wide range of stylish and trending caps that are the best in quality and much more. The caps you might want to select can differ in many color shades, patterns, or even designs. 

The different types of caps – 

When it comes to the type of caps, there are several types of caps that you can easily choose from without wasting much time. 


  • There is a baseball cap that you can select if you or your sports team wants to play baseball. 
  • Then comes the famous Fedora Caps, these caps are also commonly found and they come along with fashionable and folded brims. 
  • If you are a fashionable person, and you want to wear caps to accessorize and modernize your look, then you should go with sun visor caps, because these caps come with cool shades of colors, patterns, and designs and are quite affordable too. 
  • Have you heard about the beret caps? These caps are also quite famous for the quirky and funky look that they bring in. Mostly you can see people wearing these caps in darker shades of colors. 
  • Pork Pie Cap is also similar to the fedora cap but the only difference between the two is that pork pie caps come with attached brooches, feathers for giving a high fashion look. 
  • Did you know what sort of caps do children like? If you guessed it as a bucket cap, then you are right. These types of caps are made out of woven cotton materials, so they are ideal for all seasons, especially summers and they provide all-day comfort at a reasonable cost. This type of cap is also known as a fishing cap or beanie cap. These kinds of caps are best known to give soothing relief from intense sunlight and provide great shade giving a cool feeling.

If you are placing bulk orders for your cap, then you can consider clubbing the distribution of caps with other merchandise as well, for example, shirts and bags, then you can get in touch with the leading Bag Manufacturers in Chennai and Shirts Manufacturers in Chennai and place your requirements in front of them accordingly. Therefore, without any further ado, order your favorite caps from the best manufacturer right away for several needs such as corporate distribution, for sports team members, or even for your friends.

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How to select the best custom-designed t-shirt for...

February 23, 2021 ( 0 ) | ( 98 )

While there are so many functions, event festivities, meetings, and what not that we need to attend regularly it is quite overwhelming for us to choose The right kind and best variety of custom-designed printed T-shirts for that special event. The best and leading T Shirt Printing in Chennai Design premium quality custom-made printed T-shirts that will rightly suit your special event function or festivities. Thus you need to find the right designers who can rightly understand your specific needs and desires when it comes to custom-made t-shirt patterns. 

Shirts Manufacturers in Chennai frame the theme around the concepts for better designing your tailor-made T-shirts. There are different rules for designs that need to be followed for formal events and informal events for example for formal events of functions you would not want to choose explicit patterns and choose the one which is a little formal. whereas when it comes to informal designs and patterns we can choose playful colours stripes patterns designs and prints. Let’s come to festivals first like New year Christmas Holi Dussehra these are light-hearted and event filled with fun and happiness we could choose to select themes which are bright and catchy. This will also help us to stand out of the crowd when all others are bringing usual party clothes. You can be unique by wearing funky and Stylish clothes. 

Customized T Shirts Chennai Formal clothes are also attracted by the printing or designing the most unique themes which will undoubtedly suit your formal event. Children can best use these custom-designed printed theme shirts to flaunt their style among their friends. be it their favourite cartoon character movie star, celebrity, famous sports stars are there or even their favourite object you can have them printed stylishly on the shirt. The next best thing to consider is the quality of the cloth because as much as beautiful and attractive designs and prints matter that much the quality of cloth also matters. so make sure you don’t settle when it comes to the quality or else it might be tough to wash that cloth in the washing machine. When it comes to certain events try to play with creative colour combinations of two or three colours ranging from bright neutral to pastel colours to give you a whole new fabulous look. For example, there is the famous monochrome design that you can choose to experiment with.

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