Best Things To Be Known About The Process Of Screen Printing

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T-Shirt Printing is bearing a T-Shirt with images, designs, and lettering on it. Printed T-Shirts are made even on long sleeves, short sleeves, v neck, scoop neck, and sleeveless. There are various T Shirt Manufacturers In Chennai who offer the best T-Shirt Printing with different processes of printing screens in a large order. 

Process Of Screen Printing:

Creation Of Designs:

The first step in the process of screen printing is to create artwork that can be done using any design software available in the market. The designs can also be printed on transparent acetate films on the fabrics which are used for creating the screens.

Preparation Of The Screens:

The printer chooses the materials of the screens to suit the texture of the fabric and choosing the right mesh screen involves assessing the complexity of the designs being printed and they are coated with a layer of light-reactive emulsion, which hardens when developed under bright sunlight.

Exposing The Emulsion:

The acetate sheet featuring the designs is then laid onto the emulsion-coated screen and they are exposed to very bright light which hardens the exposed emulsion. If the final design is more than one color, then separate screens must be used to apply each layer with ink.

Creation Of The Stencil:

The screen is exposed to light for a certain period before the emulsion gets hardened on any areas that are not covered by the designs. The emulsion remaining in the liquid form will be carefully rinsed away to leave a clear stamp of the designs.

Preparation For Print:

The item or garment is placed on the printing press and the screen is carefully placed on the top in the desired position which makes the material prepared for printing.
Pressing Of The Ink Throughout The Screen:

The screen is lowered down to the printing board above the pieces of items or garments and a thick layer of ink is applied on the top of the screen in the desired colors. The squeegee(a rubber blade attached to a long metal handle) pulls the ink along the entire length of the screen which presses the ink through all the open areas of the stencils and transfers on to the items underneath leaving patterns of ink in the desired designs. If the printer needs to create multiple items, this process can be created as many times as required using the same stencils. The emulsion is removed using a special washing fluid when the stencils have served their purposes and when all the items are printed so that the mesh can be reused for creating new stencils.

Quality Check & Finish:

The printed product is then passed through the dryer where the ink gets cured and reveals a colorfast, smooth finish design. The final product will be washed and checked thoroughly to remove all the traces of emulsion residue and ensures readiness for usage.

Thus these are the steps involved in the process of screen printing Customized T Shirts Chennai which can be carried out in a different number of ways to achieve the desired results. 

Shirt Manufacturers in Chennai are experts in customizing specialized clothing that could be worn on almost every occasion. They ensure that their products are delivered with the best quality materials and they are offered at affordable prices that are highly appreciated by the customers for their attractive features like flame resistance, skin-friendly, and long life.


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