About Us

Custom wink entered the field of customizing with only one goal “To live the dream of everyone.” Making the customer’s aspiration into reality is our pride. Humans are the most creative species on earth. Making them to choose within a patterned and regulated format is a sin. We should allow them to think and create their own wonder. So we encourage our customers to inject creativity while choosing the product so that the result would be greater than their imagination.

We provide Customized Shirts, Collar t-shirts, Round neck t-shirts, Jackets, Bags, Caps. Always throw some confidence in your outfits by wearing something classy. Outfits make your first impression an unforgettable one. Show your true nature through your clothes. Your clothing depicts your character. Stand unique with our stand alone collections of customized collar T-shirts best fitted for women. Imagination is the key to any invention. Reinvent your ideology of dressing with the help of our unimaginable collections of customized collar T-shirts.

Start a day with excitement and smile by wearing different style every day. Our collections will never fade away until your imagination and thirst for fashion is quenched. Beat the summer storm with our brand new exciting collection of Customized T-Shirts. Show some attitude and turn a spot performer. Feel the fresh breeze and move with determination. Comfortableness is the key value our clothing. Handle yourself in the midst of a peak crowd with a smile on your face.